Our CEO Summits are invitation-only, day-long gatherings led by Innosight co-founder and Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen and other innovation and strategy experts. Focused on CEO-level challenges and perspectives related to growth and innovation, each day is built around a discussion-based format, where senior executives participate with peers sharing inside experiences across industries.


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As the pace of competition and disruption accelerates, the idea of transformation has become a burning priority for leaders of global organizations. At our 2018 summits, held in Boston and Munich, we went beyond the breathless hyperbole of headlines and explored how executives really make transformation happen:

  • How can CEOs and leadership teams create a common language, and align on the pace, scale, and scope of your innovation and growth efforts?

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  • How do you build consensus and confidence to change the organization and create a culture that is agile and customer-centric?
  • How do you communicate the vision, allocate scarce resources towards open-ended exploration, and continually develop a shared view of the future?