Between my first and second years at Harvard Business School, I interned at Chobani. It was fascinating to be in an organization that had become a $1 billion company in five years but still functioned internally like a startup. I was part of a small strategy team there. What’s great about working at a young, growing company is that strategy is still integrated with the day-to-day operations, so you can have a greater impact. I liked being in an organization that was going through growing pains and figuring out its next moves. It was good preparation for what we do at Innosight: helping companies create the next version of themselves.



During my second year at HBS, I took [Innosight co-founder] Clay Christensen‘s class, which I really enjoyed. I also had the opportunity to have coffee with some people at Innosight and came away impressed and excited with the work Innosight does. Innosight appealed to me because I wanted the intellectual challenge of helping large organizations think about strategy, innovation and growth. I also liked the idea of joining a fast-paced, growing firm with aggressive growth targets for the future.



One Innosight project I found particularly interesting was working with an access equipment manufacturer. I wasn’t exactly an expert on the industry when I started. But due to our expertise in innovation and growth, about two months later, I was presenting important insights to the CEO and executive team about how to drive innovation-led growth and fight the trends of disruption. It was an incredible experience, and I’m very proud of the positive impact we had. This engagement was a perfect example of the types of challenges we work on, the knowledge you’re able to acquire and the impact you can have in a short period of time.



At a smaller firm like Innosight, you get more exposure to partners and senior partners than at most larger firms. Seeing how they approach problems and interact with clients is a valuable learning experience. The smaller size also gives you a better opportunity to make an impact. For example, six months after joining, I was able to help launch an initiative around diversity and inclusion and engage people from every level and region of the organization. The focus on continuous improvement and the lack of bureaucracy make this type of change possible.



I did a lot of photography when I was younger. One summer during high school, I worked as an assistant for my grandfather, who was photographing pieces by a sculptor named Joseph McDonnell. Here and there, I took some photos myself and quickly was promoted to co-photographer. We later had a book published featuring our work.



Outside of work, I enjoy seeking different culinary experiences, both at home and in restaurants. My husband and I live in Boston. In our free time, we explore neighborhoods and try new restaurants — I believe you can learn a lot about a culture and a place through its food. Recently, I also took up running and completed my first half marathon. I’m fortunate to live near the Charles River, which is the perfect running path. It’s so beautiful and a nice way to experience the city.