Innosight focuses on one main thing: helping leaders with new growth strategies. That mission personally excites me and is the reason I saw this as a great place to be. Another reason is the people. Throughout my career — at IBM, at McKinsey and now at Innosight — I’ve worked with brilliant people who are thoughtful about solving problems and committed to being game changers. It energizes me every day to be around such transformative thinkers.



One thing I’ve learned over my career is the importance of leadership alignment. That’s a major component of a current project, in which I’m working with the CEO and executive committee of a public company. Our small team has been responsible for aligning leadership on a compelling growth strategy in a short time so they could go to the board and announce it to the shareholders. Helping this very experienced and smart team determine where they’re going and how to enter their next era of growth has been the ultimate dream for our Innosight team and me.



I find it exciting to maintain relationships and believe in the importance of networking. Genuine relationships lead to more-authentic business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge sharing, greater collaboration and the ability to get things done. Many of my lifelong friends began with professional relationships. I take the book Never Eat Alone literally and proactively find opportunities to keep connected as part of my lifestyle.



During two international assignments in Tokyo, I started to become an avid Japanese antiques and art collector. I continue to enjoy these collections in our NYC and Denver homes. I like traveling, eating and shopping with my favorite designers and places in Paris and Italy. I’m thrilled about my friend Julie Wainwright’s new business, TheRealReal, which is revolutionizing the lifecycle of luxury goods, giving a relevant outlet for my hobby.



I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to share my journey through public speaking. Since 2004, I’ve had the honor of speaking for McKinsey at CEO, CFO and M&A strategy roundtables and industry conferences. I’ve also had the privilege to speak and moderate at The Conference Board events and other executive and corporate forums on the topics of M&A, growth, strategy, diversity and inclusion, U.S.-Japan relations and women’s leadership. Participating in these events continues to motivate me to be a thought leader and inspires me to always keep learning.



We’re in the midst of unprecedented levels of change. The stakes are high, but the potential for impact is higher. I came to Innosight because I’m excited about building the world’s most distinctive and impactful growth-strategy consulting firm, helping CEOs and senior leaders solve the hardest problems associated with growing their businesses and staying leaders in their industries. It’s been a joy to walk this journey alongside brilliant, collaborative and thoughtful colleagues who are tireless in pursuit of this mission.